#3 Angelic White Qttie Gelly Color Gel 7ml

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The incredible QTTIE GELLY fulfills your desire for the perfect 2 week long-lasting gel manicure in just one bottle. Salon standard Gel nails at fraction of the price. Why not? 😋 The answer to pretty nails on last minute dates, meeting or travel!

✈️DIY your nails anywhere - in the plane, car, office, classroom, home. It's possible as there is no smell/sound/mess. 

🌱Big 5 Free • Cruelty Free • Heavy Metal Safe🐰

❌ No base coat ❌ No top coat
❌ No gel cleanser ❌ No toxic
❌ No filing of nails ❌ No mess

💅 Each bottle is 7ml, which fulfills 15-20 gel manicures. Which works out to $1+ per gel manicure!
*depending on length of nails, and thickness of application.

One bottle of Qttie Gelly is all you'll need. Of cus, in many different shades! 🌸🌸🌸

Applying Qttie Gelly is easy!
1. Wipe nail surface with Qttie Cleanse to remove oil & dust.
2. Apply thin layer of Qttie Gelly. *Super thin layer for 1st coat, and regular layer for 2nd coat.
3. Dry in the Qttie LED-Stick for 30 secs each layer. *The gel MUST be dried/cured in a UV/LED lamp. 


💡 Tips!
🔸 It's better to apply 3 thin coats, instead of 1-2 thick coat to ensure that the gel dries fully.
🔸 You can use Qttie Gelly for nail art too! Or paste stickers on it and top it off with a Qttie Top.

🎉 Successfully sold in expos in Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore!