#6 Sunkissed Vegas Qttie Gelly Color Gel 7ml

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QTTIE GELLY fulfills your desire for the perfect long-lasting gel manicure in just one bottle. The answer to pretty nails on last minute dates, meeting or travel!

DIY your nails anywhere - in the plane, car, office, classroom, home.

Big 5 Free • Cruelty Free • Heavy Metal Safe

❌ No base coat ❌ No top coat

❌ No gel cleanser ❌ No toxic
❌ No filing of nails ❌ No mess

Each bottle [7ml] = 55 sets of gel manicures.
*depending on length of nails, and thickness of application.

One bottle of Qttie Gelly is all you'll need.

Applying Qttie Gelly is easy!
1. Wipe nail surface with Qttie Cleanse to remove oil & dust.
2. Apply thin layer of Qttie Gelly. *Super thin layer for 1st coat, and regular layer for 2nd coat.
3. Dry in the Qttie LED-Stick for 30 secs each layer. *The gel MUST be dried/cured in a UV/LED lamp.

🔸 Apply 3 thin coats, instead of 1-2 thick coat to ensure that the gel dries fully.
🔸 You can use Qttie Gelly for nail art too! Or paste stickers on it and top it off with a Qttie Top.

Successfully sold in expos in Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore!

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